Children's Program From Beginners to Champions

Our program provides comprehensive dancesport education to kids of all ages and levels and is based on International styles – Latin & Standard. Paragon Ballroom is home to many national children’s champions and serves as a training ground for many children that travel from all over the country to take lessons with our World-Class Instructors.


Children’s Beginner Level concentrates on teaching a solid syllabus foundation in Standard and Latin dance styles. Children will also learn basic partnering skills, posture adjustments, and communication skills.


Children’s Intermediate Level further develops children’s understanding of the syllabus foundation in Standard and Latin dance styles and begins to introduce more advanced dance theories. Children will also begin learning open dance choreography and more complex syllabus variations.


Children’s Advanced Level is geared to provide access to children who are looking to advance their dance skills in International styles. Children will learn advanced technique, partnering skills, floor craft and competition readiness.

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